What are the areas of intervention of an expert in load stopping solutions ?

When we consider the field of freight transportation, the safety and stability of goods are important elements to consider. This is where the load stop solutions expert comes in, a professional specialized in the design, installation and management of devices aimed at securing goods during transport. But what are the specific spheres of intervention of these experts? We take stock in this article.

Analyze needs

First of all, an expert in load stopping solutions conducts an in-depth analysis of the specific needs related to the transportation of goods. This includes the assessment of the types of goods to be transported, their fragility, their weight, their volume, as well as the transport methods envisaged. This is how the company operates that you will discover on the site https://www.lacroixnoble.fr/en/.

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Selection of suitable devices

Depending on the characteristics of the goods to be transported, the expert recommends the most appropriate load stopping devices. These devices include blocking wedges, fixing straps, cushioning cushions, tension bars, and many others.

Design of tailor-made solutions

For special cargo or complex situations, a load arrest solutions expert can design tailor-made solutions. Thanks to its engineering skills, it is able to offer devices adapted to the specific needs of each load.

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Training and awareness

Another key area of focus is the training and awareness of loading and transport teams. The expert provides training sessions on the correct use of load stopping devices, as well as best practices in securing goods.

Inspection and maintenance

An expert in load stopping solutions ensures regular inspection of the safety devices in place. He ensures that they are in good working order and comply with current safety standards. He also coordinates the maintenance and replacement of defective equipment.


Strapping involves securing goods on a pallet or in a container using strips of metal, plastic or textile. This technique keeps the products in place and prevents them from moving during transport.

An expert in load stopping solutions is competent in choosing the most appropriate type of strapping based on the characteristics of the goods, their weight and their fragility.


Lashing, which consists of securely securing packages during transport, is of capital importance for the Protection of people. In fact, proper securing prevents packages from moving in order to reduce the risk of injury to drivers, handlers and other people nearby.

This process also contributes to the stability of the vehicle in the event of sudden braking, sharp turns or adverse weather conditions, minimizing road accidents.

Lashing helps prevent shocks, vibrations and friction which can damage packages, particularly fragile products.

In conclusion, the areas of intervention of an expert in load stopping solutions are vast and varied. From analyzing needs to designing tailor-made solutions, including team training and equipment maintenance, these professionals play a important role in securing goods during transport.